White label


for the production, sales and management of tourism products

What do end users know about Pinsteps?


With every step they take, Pinsteps enhances their experience. It's more than just a guide; it's a bridge to a world full of experiences. One can dive deep into audio and video guides for each pin, gain insightful tips within each location, and find their way seamlessly with an integrated navigator that works offline. From cosy café corners and artisan shops to intriguing street puzzles and comprehensive hotel details – whether it's a short city stroll, a nature hike, a cycling track, or a multi-day road trip, Pinsteps is their ultimate travel companion.

Not Just a Guide, a Journey


Pinsteps offers more than just exciting tales and data points. Our routes, crafted by travel, tourism, education, and culture experts, encompass meticulous details – from which side to approach a location for fewer stairs and the optimal time for the best photo lighting. Infused with game elements, our journeys cater to all ages. No more tedious planning – select a route and embark on a well-thought-out adventure.

The Technological Platform for Enhanced Experiences
Pinsteps is a cutting-edge platform streamlined for crafting, managing, distributing, and promoting interactive content.
As a white-label tool, it amplifies personal branding and bolsters collaborative sales efforts.

Pinsteps presents an integrated solution for both web and mobile, catering to a spectrum of users – from tourism agencies, museums, hotels, and municipalities to experts in cultural heritage, culinary adventures, trekking trails, and outdoor activities. Whether a large organisation or an individual expert, Pinsteps empowers creators to transform their expertise into interactive experiences, connecting them with audiences in meaningful ways.

How it works

In this section, we'll explore the three key functions of the Pinsteps white-label platform: creation, management, and marketing. These form the platform's core, covering the development of tourist products, their management, and marketing to reach the right audience. Together, these enable authentic and compelling tourism experiences. Shall we begin with creation?
Creation of the Tourist Product
 Pinsteps offers a comprehensive platform for designing various travel routes, each catering to unique experiences.
Audio and video guides
City passes
Culinary and degustation tours
Quest Travel Adventures
Educational programs
Cultural explorations
The platform allows users to create and freely combine any or all routes, emphasising a tailored experience of professionals that fits the travellers' interests. This can be done in the back office in web and mobile environments for iOS users. The flexibility in the creation and the rich set of options provide a powerful tool for authentic and intelligent travel.
Additionally, every route or combination may include QR codes on milestones or stops, enabling travellers to access services or products through an affiliate system. This is most prominently expressed in city passes, allowing for a more integrated and convenient travel experience.
This aspect of Pinsteps taps into the creativity and diversity of the tourism industry, providing a versatile tool for shaping unique travel products. Offering various travel experiences aligns with your goals of inspiring exploration, enriching lives, and connecting people with the world around them.

Now, let's explore the management aspect of these tourism products within Pinsteps.
Management of the Tourist Product
Pinsteps' back office provides a robust and dynamic platform to craft and unify elements into personalised websites.
White Label Tourist Sites
Users can create personalised white-label tourist sites where elements combine like building blocks. This includes Points of Interest (POI), routes, compilations, and collections of routes. The intuitive, "Lego-like" construction allows for maximum customisation.
Downloadable Routes
Every route, whether part of a detailed guide for a week or a short few-hour tour, can be purchased and downloaded to a phone for convenience during walks or trips.
Free and Paid Options
Routes can be free or paid, combined into detailed guides for three to five days or longer, or shorter experiences. These can also include QR codes for discounts, treats, tastings, and other exclusive offerings.
Integration and Optimization
The system allows products to be embedded on third-party sites and can be sorted by location, popularity, or other criteria. Furthermore, the system promotes SEO and tagging, ensuring easily discoverable routes.
Dynamic Combinations
The platform's flexibility allows for comprehensive control over the content, from combining routes to creating intricate itineraries tailored to diverse needs and preferences.
The management aspect of Pinsteps enables the creation, fine-tuning, and optimisation of tourist products.
Providing such a wide array of tools and options ensures that travel providers can offer unique, customisable experiences that resonate with travellers' individual tastes and requirements.

This aligns well with your goals of making the world more accessible and providing enriching travel experiences, embracing the cultural diversity and interconnectedness that travel can offer.
Let's now dive into the third sphere of Pinsteps, focusing on promotion and marketing.
Promotion and Marketing of the Tourist Product
This aspect is vital in reaching the right audience and creating meaningful engagement with the offerings. Here's an insight into how it works within Pinsteps:
Affiliate System
Pinsteps employs an affiliate system, allowing the tourism product to be spread among partner distributors. The platform meticulously tracks each product's consumption by each partner, maintaining transparency, efficiency and profit
Business Integration
Businesses offering discounts, products, or exclusive routes can be integrated within a few minutes. Through an internal QR code scanning system, they can instantly see commissions and benefits on their phone. Likewise, affiliated distributors can see their profit in their personal cabinets.

Immersive Experiences
Imagine a boutique hotel offering its guests a captivating route through hidden photo spots and gems of the city. With the chance to enjoy a treat at a cosy café, taste pastries at a local bakery, or savour homemade wine – all managed through a single route and one QR code. Imagine a family quest route where participants can earn rewards and benefits from unique businesses. The adventure could lead to uncovering hidden treasures, historical sites, or delightful culinary treats. Or consider a mountain hut on the Dolomites trail, ready to provide shelter for the night. With a QR code system, the hut can know about the movement of travellers in advance, even without an internet connection. The entire interaction occurs within one ecosystem focused on supporting and promoting authentic, locally-owned businesses.
Cultural Integration
This ecosystem integrates cultural associations and city tourist offices, making travel accessible, simple, and authentic. Pinsteps cares about the environment, leaving behind printed maps from city tourist bureaus or any other guides, taking tourism technology to a qualitatively new level of process automation, which remains outside large corporations' interests. It leads away from industrial tourism, which often clutters the real world, towards genuine exploration, immersion, and impressions.
Pinsteps' approach to marketing aligns seamlessly with your passion for creating more authentic travel experiences.
It brings the focus back to unique, localised experiences that enrich the traveller's journey, connecting them to the heart and soul of a place. It also fosters collaboration and support among local businesses, promoting a more community-oriented travel culture.

This is more than just a marketing strategy; it's a philosophy that prioritises genuine connections, cultural appreciation, and responsible tourism. It resonates with your goal of opening the borders of understanding and inspiring people to travel, explore, and appreciate the richness of our diverse world.


The Pinsteps app is available on Android and iOS, showcasing all the tourist products users publish as public routes
These routes are organised by proximity, popularity, countries, and cities, and the app also displays user-authored collections and social network elements. You can follow authors, play quests as a team, enter tournament rankings, and download routes with access to museums, attractions, tastings, and discounts at cafes, restaurants, and authentic businesses.

For iOS users, the app enables creating your personal route by hitting the start and finish buttons. This forms a detailed travel diary, with the app adding photos, names of places, and future AI-driven descriptions. Your purchased routes, excursions, and guides with audio and video aids are saved, and you can sort offline-accessible ways. Other features include automatic favourite navigator selection, path to any route point, route sharing in your desired language, and more.


Pinsteps white-label platform primarily stands out for its customisation, including pricing, tailored to fit each client's needs. The most vital aspect is identifying the client's necessities, which will dictate the optimisation of modules and services, forming the total cost.
Pinsteps caters to various sectors, including tourism companies, municipalities, museums, educational and tourist associations, farms, and individuals. You can request a services assessment and consultation at the touch of a button to study needs and form the cost structure.
This personalised approach ensures that the platform adapts to various business models and requirements, focusing on providing value and scalability.