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Connecting flights problems
Demand for tickets
People try to avoid buying tickets for connection flights with long layover periods. On the other hand, the airlines try their best in order to sell these tickets. For example, Turkish Airlines often offer a free stay in a hotel in Istanbul if the waiting time for the connecting flight is long, or in the case of transfers during day time - a free excursion. That is what many airlines do.
Passengers are often afraid of going out in an unknown city, because they are not familiar with it, even though the need and the interest of getting to know a new city exists.
The most common are the issues with connection, lack of knowledge about local transportation, and language skills.
What to visit
The first problem that arises is the shortage of time for searching places to visit and planning a route. The second problem is the distrust the customers hold in regards to different services, such as TripAdvisor.
Fear of missing the flight
An unknown city leads to the fear of not returning to the connection flight in time.

The Solution

Pinsteps - detailed routes with a navigation system,
created by both professionals and everyday travellers.

The routes take you from point to point,
from the airport to the city and back,
and are completed with pictures, places to go, costs etc.
Choose a route you like.
Discover experience and reviews
Download the selected route.
Be sure it is
available offline
Get going! Travel from the airport and back to the airport.
Pinsteps is available offline in every country.
Our Product
An interesting transfer
Flying to London with a layover in Frankfurt?
Seize the chance to discover both cities.
A night-time connection? Enjoy the dawn from the observation deck.
Offline mode
Download route via airport wi-fi and feel free to start your journey with GPS
Your every step is fully detailed: from which ticket to buy, what bus line to catch and to where to walk and how much it will cost.
Get notified when your flight is approaching. We take all the precautionary measures necessary to make sure you get back on time.
Choose a route that is interesting for you: attractions, bars or nature sights.
Team up with users nearby to take the route together.
We use official airports council international's full-year 2013 statistics and research of percentages of transfer passengers (source).
Example for 16 airports only
Total passengers per year: 856 006 157
Total transfer passengers: 259 371 536

Minimum year revenue $1 per flight ~ $260M per year

Delta value for flight ticket varies up to $200.
For example, we ups revenue to $10 per flight.

Top year revenue ~ $2,6B

Example is provided for 2013 year for 16 airport only.
Now statistics growths up.

According to the Airports Council International (ACI)
World Airport Traffic Report, there were 17,678 commercial airports in the world (2015)