Travel has many paths.

We help you uncover yours.

The world of tourism is changing. It stops being a group one and is becoming a solo one

Too many choices

Lack of personalization

A lot of time required to find places to visit

Need to scout for excellent guides to deliver an amazing experience

Guided tour experience is too pricey 

Each tourist meets an influx of offers and a mass of not personalized data.
As a result, the tourist seeks professional help, but it is expensive.
We’re a marketplace of self-guided experiences curated by travellers around the world.
We offer ready-to-use, tried and tested solutions, from local guides, bloggers, and experienced travelers
How it works
Meet Hamad, a local guide from Dubai, adds a self-guided experience using the app.
Katie, a traveler from the UK visiting Dubai gets to experience Dubai through the lens of Hamad.
This is Hamad, he is a professional guide in Dubai. And this is Katy who is willing to go to Dubai
Business Model
Paid self-guided experiences marketplace
Paid partnerships with local businesses
Hamad’s ready routes - digital tours - are in line with Kate’s interests. She buys them, we get a percentage of the transaction and we add city passes with discounts, services, products, and benefits on Hamad’s ready routes.
Business B2B2C
  • A platform for interaction between Hotels, Local Businesses, and the Municipality
  • The municipality and the Hotel pay local businesses for their visits by guests of the city (museums, parks, zoos, etc.)
  • Pinsteps provides the technology of leading a client (hotel visitor) to businesses.
  • Key advantage: ease of integration due to the absence of hardware requirements (everything works through a mobile app and hoteliers' accounts — web version),
  • Revenue generation: the volume of guests multiplied by the number of visits to local businesses via code system. Step-billing with monthly frequency
The ecosystem of content and partnership programs consists of governmental groups such as municipal tourism offices and other governmental departments.

Sees ways to earn passively on the platform and to promote himself, when the user gets free tickets from the hotel

We bring real people

They invest budget funds into real city visitors and get high quality analytics

We provide them with clear financial system of interaction with local businesses, without any additional tough integrated facilities

She gets a ready solution.

Hamad gets a passive income. The local businesses get a partnership program. Governmental institutions get analytics. Tourism companies, airlines, and hotels get added value. Kate gets everything that she wanted.







We provide analytics as a service with multiple parameters like consumer actions in the context of time and location
Own technology of automatic content (route) creation.

Pinsteps assembles users’ GPS data, media, notes into a route. Historical, business information about places is being added automatically*

The main advantage: fast and easy. Now everyone can become a travel blogger, as everyone once became a photographer with Instagram.
Route creation takes just a few clicks.

We plan to use AI to turn ordinary routes into smart ones — personalized business locations included in the route.

*smart combination of clusterization, spline, and more algorithms

Video demonstration of the technology
Our technology allows the fast production of quality content in a matter of seconds. AI makes it a smart one. Partnership programs of the “city pass” style are completely automated and don’t require any additional equipment.

Self-guided Routes





Over this summer, we have doubled in users, and earned over 10 thousand dollars and proved our business model

Summer traction
20 local businesses and 20 hotels participated in the pilot.
We achieved a 20% retention.
After the peak of the season, user growth returned to average, but user retention in the fourth week was 2 percent. Haifa Municipality tourism department signed a long-term partnership with us. We are developing a White Label system
The Haifa experience is not the only one. Our first earnings came from the App Store and Google Play. But it was not profitable. Though they are changing their policy, we may renew that channel. The main of income is a state-owned educational tourism company. The experience of working with it, along with the Haifa municipality, will determine the main vector for us - the White Lable.
We constantly monitor the market and these companies are our competitors.
We compared ourselves with competitors in five vectors and came to the conclusion that we provide better solutions.
July 2021, In Haifa we had ~8k people who generated 2k installs which is 25% — SAM = 2.55B

$10.2 B




Forecast TAM 2030


Forecast for APP 2030

A developed ecosystem in Haifa allowed us to convert 25% of all city travelers into our active users. without any marketing expenses. Having a 17% market increase per year our forecast is about 9B USD by 2030
Since the summer of 2020, we have been providing the services of a state travel company. At the moment, we are developing cooperation with the Haifa Municipality. In the winter of 2022, we are preparing a launch in Dubai. Later we plan to expand in Israel and Europe. In 2023, we want to get close to the American market.
We seek 250 thousand dollars for the development and implementation of the white label ecosystem as the ultimate solution in the world of individual tourism in the segment of tourist leisure and starting the AI development processes.
Our Team

40+ years of cumulative experience

Evgeny Praisman​
Founder & CEO
Ilya Polotsky
Co-Founder & CTO


Kirill Kamanin
Marketing / Business
Dmitry Izvolsky
Jenya is Pinsteps’ founder and investor. Jenya works in tourism for 25 years, he is familiar with all its trends, ideas and understands the market, and has been having C-level positions for 15 years.
Ilya is CTO and co-founder with an IT background of 11 years. Having a computer science master’s degree he also is experienced in launching startups before.
Kirill is an entrepreneur, a marketing expert. He has 10 year-long experience in marketing.
Dima is an entrepreneur, a 10 year long experienced UX\UI specialist.

Experience our self-guided routes today!
Thanks for the attention. You may test our application. Looking forward to cooperating with you.
Technical plans
White Label system
  • Web-based constructor for White Label sites
  • Server infrastructure for managing custom domains
  • White Label web-application
Server infrastructure
Microsoft for Startups program (Intelak acceleration benefits) provides us with credits for Azure server infrastructure. We plan to:
  • migrate to load-balanced Azure virtual servers
  • set up CI
  • set up strong backup processes and fault tolerance
  • use AI instruments for smart routes
AI smart routes
We plan to start using Azure AI infrastructure to implement smart behavior in Pinsteps routes
Detailed description
of interaction with Haifa

A strategically and operationally important partner. Ronit Akiva — director of the tourism department, has been leading the department continuously for over twenty years. A participant in the forum of directors of city tourism departments, she has influence and weight. She believes that the creation, debugging of the system, and implementation will allow her to present this project as a personal achievement and become the inspirer of the project at the state level, building further development of her own career and possible promotion to the Ministry of Tourism. For the development of cooperation, it is necessary to promote the White Label project - an increase in the development and testing staff. An agreement has been concluded with the municipality. We can provide a contract upon request, it is in Hebrew.
Detailed description
of interaction with

After the successful completion of the Intelak program, we began to actively develop our presence in the United Arab Emirates. We have agreed with some hotels and local businesses on a joint pilot project, similar to the one we had in Haifa but with local guides and bloggers. In January 2022, we will participate in the reporting event at the Dubai expo and present our application to investors and other businesses.
All communication is carried out through Mia
Intelak Hub & Programmes Manager — LinkedIn
Detailed description
of interaction with Masa

Ruth is the director of marketing at MASA. She believes that our product meets two goals: creating a wow effect for the participant and strengthening the educational component of independent cognition and development. Gathers a forum of directors of MASA departments to develop the appearance of the white label and implement it at the project level. To develop cooperation, it is necessary to promote the White Lable project — expanding the development and testing staff. We can provide a business proposal upon request, the stage of signing the contract.
Detailed description
of interaction with Europe

Provision and sale of the platform through the official representative in the Netherlands the founder and owner of the Corporate Leisure company Tatoi Pomuran. The dense project began with the Conservatory Hotel — one of three five-star hotels, two others in London and Paris. Also exits to tourist city agencies in Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. For the development of the project, funds are needed to revitalize the activity. There is an agreement of intent and cooperation — we will provide it upon request. Representatives of the Greek Chamber of Commerce in Israel requested a letter of intent with a view to implementing it in mini tourism. It requires improvements and in the light of recent changes will undergo major changes with the main focus on White Label. An initial offer can be provided upon request.
Travel segmentation

How it works

Google presentation

Detailed report

Google sheet