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42% of stories shared to users' Facebook timelines were travel experiences, making it the top story being shared by users (Tnooz)
  • 80% of travellers are more likely to book a trip from a friend liking a page rather than responding to a traditional Facebook ad (Eye for Travel)

  • Holiday pictures are the most shared content on and after vacation (Tnooz)

  • 70% of social media users update status/share photos while on holiday (Eye for Travel)

  • 76% of social media users post vacation photos to their social networks (Webbed Feet)

  • 52% of Facebook users say their friends photos inspire their travel plans (Webbed Feet)

  • Surveys find more than half of the traveler's book travel products through the mobile sites and apps of travel agents. (Whatech, 2014)

  • Travelers are likely to spend more on sightseeing than on shopping, souvenirs and nightlife combined. The 5 most common things travelers are willing to spend more on as a treat: Sightseeing (53%), special dining experiences (41%), accommodation (41%), activities (35%) and shopping (24%) (Trip Barometer, 2015)

  • Tour Operators say their own website is double as effective to get bookings than Review websites. (Rezdy data)

  • 38% of leisure travelers and 57% of business travelers use mobile for travel information (Google)

  • Travel-related mobile queries so far during 2013 are up some 66% year-on-year (Mobile Path to Purchase)

  • 31% of smartphone users claim they research travel on their mobile devices (Mobile Path to Purchase)

  • 94% of TripAdvisor customers are using mobile to research local things to do (Cross Media Live)

  • 67% of smartphone users said they were more likely to purchase from a business' mobile-friendly site, while 61% said they'd most likely leave a site that wasn't optimised for mobile (Tourism Research Australia)

  • Travelers go online during their trips, finding local activities using their mobile devices 33% of the time (Tourism Research Australia)

  • 74% of people said that "If a site works well on a mobile phone I am more likely to return to it in the future" (Search Engine Watch)

  • 36 million Americans using their mobile devices to research vacation options and another 16 million making the reservations on their mobile device (VFM Leonardo)

  • More than 60% of United States users want a smart phone site to load and work properly within 3 seconds or less (Forbes)

  • 87% of global and 85% of American travelers use mobile devices while traveling (Trip Barometer)

  • On holiday, 24% of travelers use their smartphones for reading reviews, while 22% use their tablets (Trip Barometer)

  • On holiday, 27% of travelers are looking for things to do with their smartphone, while 21% use their tablets (Trip Barometer)

  • 63% of US and UK tablet owners are watching videos or browsing photos and checking prices for store information (Econsultancy)

  • The most important sources that influenced the decisions of global travelers were travel review websites (69%), online travel agencies (57%), and tour operator sites (56%) (Tourism Research Australia)

  • 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – this is an increase of 10% compared to 2012 (Bright Local Study, 2013)

  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (Search Engine Land, 2014)

  • 82% of consumers trust a company more if they are involved with social media (Forbes)

  • 92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as social media, word of mouth, recommendation from friends and family, above all forms of advertising (Webbed Feet)

  • 85% of customers expect businesses to be active in social media (Vocus)

  • 36% of online travellers visit social networking sites to influence destination selection (World Travel Market London)

  • One out of three US travellers reference social media as a main source of travel ideas and inspiration (MMGY Global)

  • 52% of travellers use social media to plan a trip (Eye for Travel)

  • 52% of travellers were so influenced by social media that they changed their original travel plans (Sprout Social)

  • 10% of those who use social media to research travel plans changed agent/operator/website (Sprout Social)

  • 87% of those younger than 34 are using Facebook to solicit advice before making bookings (Stikky Media)

  • 50% of travel companies have said that direct bookings have been generated from social media (Tnooz)

  • 58% of Millennials (20% more than older generations) prefer to travel with friends – they can't bear the feeling of having missed out! (HVS)

  • Millennials are expected to spend incrementally more on travel services than any other age group in 2014 (MMGY Global)

  • 6 out of 10 millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than material things (MMGY Global)

  • Millennials will choose to connect with companies on social media, but want something in return (predominantly perks & discounts) (SDL)

  • 51,9% of tour operators are working with travel agents to resell their tours (Rezdy, 2015)

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