pinsteps team


Here are people who work on Pinsteps,
believe in it, and improve it anytime they can
Eugene Praisman
Founder & CEO
  • MA on Business and Management
  • Teacher in High school license from Pedagogue and Education school of university of Haifa
  • Licensed Tour Guide (License granted in 1994, by the Israeli ministry of tourism)
  • BA in Common History and Archeology Facebook LinkedIn

  • Archeological expeditions to the Negev desert and Caesarea
  • Work as a Guide in a tour companies
  • Development of didactic materials for non-formal education
  • Teacher and group leader in youth movements, municipal and regional educational departments and nonprofit companies
  • Work with a group of Christians and developing interreligious dialogues
  • Guiding the group of educational tourism for state projects MASA and Birthright
  • Tourism Advisor
  • Tourism Advisor at the foundation of Grand Voyage company
  • Advisor on tourism and non-formal education for Jewish governmental and non-profit organizations
  • An Emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Ukraine
  • Director of the educational department of the Jewish Agency for Israel in central and western Ukraine - the emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Founder & CEO of the Russian speaking department in the educational tourism company Israel Experience
  • CEO of the Russian speaking department in the educational tourism company IsraelWay
  • Deputy General Manager of the Educational Tourism company IsraelWay
  • Owner of tourism company Asya Way provider of services for business tourism
Ilya Polotsky
Co-founder & CTO
  • 2008-2012 Ural State University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bachelor's degree at Computer Sciences,
    • Bachelor's paper — The infrastructure for development of service-oriented systems
  • 2012-2014 Ural Federal University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Master's degree at Computer Sciences
    • Master's paper - Full cycle of development and deployment of web application based on Groovy&Grails

Math and programming.
February, 21, 2008, First mathematical award on Taiwan International Science Fair

  • SKB Kontur. Internship, web-developer
    Developing web-service for employers of SKB Kontur's call center. Aims: knowledge base, generating and executing test for all workers, role-based access control for system management. (PHP, Yii, MySQL)
  • Company "RSV", Full-stack web developer
    Developing web-service for business. The web-application for the Decision of the government of Russia. Last 4 month - integration with Big clients. (Groovy, Grails, PostgreSQL)
  • Bigcityboom, Backend developer, Team Leader
    Developing backend for big event-porta, API for mobile
  • Thatday - Founder, CEO, $30k funded
Have started his way as a simple developer and ended up as a team leader, CTO and CEO. Assembled a team and started project Thatday – an application for couples and romantics.
Viktor Krasnov
iOS Developer
  • Ural State University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bachelor's degree at Computer Sciences
  • Nauman (Massive IT service desc product developer) – backend developer
  • Tensor (One of the largest IT companies in Russia, engaged in the development of a product related to financial reports) – Backend developer
  • BigCityEvents (Startup) – frontend developer
  • Yandex – iOS developer
  • Thatday - iOS developer
  • Doubletapp (Mobile development studio) - head of iOS department

    Took part in a CTF concourse and a Hackathon
Dmitry Izvolsky
Design & UI
Higher education
Moscow State University of Humanity named after M.A. Sholokhov
Faculty of Design and visual art

9+ years in graphic and UX design.
Art director and creative.
Kirill Kamanin
Chief Marketing Officer
  • Russian State Plekhanov University. Master's degree at Economics and Insurance at economy
  • Russian State Social University. Master degree at World Economics

  • 10+ years in marketing
  • Creative specialist at TOP 10
  • Digital agencies in Russia
  • Jewish agency creative manager
  • Founder of Haze Digital agency


  • Owner of Clothing store
  • Cannes Lions participant