Team. Detailed

Eugene Praisman
Founder & CEO
MA on Business and Management
Teacher in High school license from Pedagogue and Education school of university of Haifa
Licensed Tour Guide (License granted in 1994, by the Israeli ministry of tourism)
BA in Common History and Archeology

  • Archeological expeditions to the Negev desert and Caesarea
  • Work as a Guide in a tour companies
  • Development of didactic materials for non-formal education
  • Teacher and group leader in youth movements, municipal and regional educational departments and nonprofit companies
  • Work with a group of Christians and developing interreligious dialogues
  • Guiding the group of educational tourism for state projects MASA and Birthright
  • Tourism Advisor
  • Tourism Advisor at the foundation of Grand Voyage company
  • Advisor on tourism and non-formal education for Jewish governmental and non-profit organizations
  • An Emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Ukraine
  • Director of the educational department of the Jewish Agency for Israel in central and western Ukraine - the emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Founder & CEO of the Russian speaking department in the educational tourism company Israel Experience
  • CEO of the Russian speaking department in the educational tourism company IsraelWay
  • Deputy General Manager of the Educational Tourism company IsraelWay
  • Owner of tourism company Asya Way provider of services for business tourism
Ilya Polotsky

Co-founder & CTO
  • 2008-2012 Ural State University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bachelor's degree at Computer Sciences,
    • Bachelor's paper — The infrastructure for development of service-oriented systems
  • 2012-2014 Ural Federal University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Master's degree at Computer Sciences
    • Master's paper - Full cycle of development and deployment of web application based on Groovy&Grails

Math and programming.
February, 21, 2008, First mathematical award on Taiwan International Science Fair

  • SKB Kontur. Internship, web-developer
    Developing web-service for employers of SKB Kontur's call center. Aims: knowledge base, generating and executing test for all workers, role-based access control for system management. (PHP, Yii, MySQL)
  • Company "RSV", Full-stack web developer
    Developing web-service for business. The web-application for the Decision of the government of Russia. Last 4 month - integration with Big clients. (Groovy, Grails, PostgreSQL)
  • Bigcityboom, Backend developer, Team Leader
    Developing backend for big event-porta, API for mobile
  • Thatday - Founder, CEO, $30k funded
Have started his way as a simple developer and ended up as a team leader, CTO and CEO. Assembled a team and started project Thatday – an application for couples and romantics.

Viktor Krasnov
iOS Developer
  • Ural State University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bachelor's degree at Computer Sciences
  • Nauman (Massive IT service desc product developer) – backend developer
  • Tensor (One of the largest IT companies in Russia, engaged in the development of a product related to financial reports) – Backend developer
  • BigCityEvents (Startup) – frontend developer
  • Yandex – iOS developer
  • Thatday - iOS developer
  • Doubletapp (Mobile development studio) - head of iOS department

    Took part in a CTF concourse and a Hackathon

Max Korshunov
Backend Developer
  • Ural Federal University 1998-2003, Applied Mathematics
  • 2003-2006 Postgraduate Studies in N.N. Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics.
Federal service for the certification of housing and utilities objects from the beginning of 2014 until now, as chief developer.

Engaged in development of both clients and personal servers.

Main Tech in use: Groovy & Grails AngularJS PostgreSQL GIT, Bamboo, Jira, IntelliJ IDEA

Projects: – a smart diary for young parents, developing an ARI for mobile applications (PHP, YII2, MySQL, Nginx)
Thatday – service for remembering monumental dates, as a web developer (Groovy&Grails, AngularJS, ZURB Foundation)

Experienced with – a service for householders with several residencies.
Developed web services from scratch, and mainly worked with the app's servers afterwards. Main Tech: PHP (no framework), XSLT jQuery, Backbone.js MySQL Apache, Nginx Mercurial, Jira, Eclipse, PhpStorm

FSUE Uralgeoinform

From 2003 to 2008 worked as a developer, is a team leader since 2009. While a developer, experienced working on several projects, mainly in the field of geoinformation systems, including a module for calculating floods using spline-interpolation topographical data, module for calculating risk zones from the air monitoring network data, and a module for a calculation of the shortest routes on the map of the road network with an interactive 3D model of the city of Yekaterinburg.

As Team Leader, managed projects in the following areas: GIS (Geographic Information System), GIS of social and hygienic monitoring; GIS Roads of Ugra. Mainly Used Technologies: C#, C++, Delphi .NET, ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle OpenGL, DirectX Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Studio, SVN. Links to articles with a description of the results are on the site of FSUE.

Worked as a programmer from 2003 to 2008. Was engaged in the development of algorithms and programs for scientific calculations in the sphere of ill-posed problems (Unstable solutions for certain data inputted), with Pascal, Fortran, C++, and MatLab. Practical applications: blurred image processing, processing of spectral analysis data by EXAFS method.

Links to different publications:
1. Regular algorithms in problems of analysis of radar images (
2.New Regularization Method for EXAFS Analysis (
3. Recoding of experimental EXAFS-spectra on the basis of regularization methods (
4. Regularization methods: increase the contrast of blurred images (
5.Processing of images with allocation of position of objects

Dmitry Izvolsky
Design & UI
Higher education
Moscow State University of Humanity named after M.A. Sholokhov
Faculty of Design and visual art
Specialty: Graphic Design
Graduated in 2014, Highly Appreciated diploma with honors
Decorator in: Kaizen — "Я люблю с тобой молчать"(I love to be silent with you) SX production, 2010.
Vanderbraa — "Alesi", You Ko Prod, 2011.
TATAMI — "Спящий" (the one that sleeps) SX production, currently in production.

Studio design "100UP" June 2013 – March 2014 as a Designer
Commercial Agency "ROSST" March 2014 – November 2015 as a designer, November 2015 – November 2016 an Art Director
Digital Agency "Why Not!?" November 2016 until now as an Art Director

Developed advertising concepts for major brands in Russia:

Also developed outdoor advertising for companies:
Yulmart, Reifeisehn Bank, Renault

Web-Projects for Brands:
Oriflame, Domino's Pizza, Вud, VTB24, Magnet, Ill deBotte.

Mobile Applications:
Thatday, Taskyou, Domino's Pizza, VTB24, Oriflame.

Personal achievements:
• Nominee of the international Post Student Poster Award 2010;
• Graduated finalist of the VI International Contest "Muses of the World", 2011;
• Laureate of the silver award "Lomonosov-Art", Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2012;
• Finalist of the poster competition "Who are we?", Strelka, 2012;
• Participant of VIII interregional competition of young designers "Arbuz", 2013;
• Finalist and prize-winner of the international student post poster Post It 2013.

Co-organizer and participant:
• Exhibition "POST RODCHENKO", the works participated in the competition of the Union Designers of Russia, the Kazan Biennale and the magazine "Design Review", 2011;
• Audiovisual poster campaign "Time properties", NCCA 2012;
• Andrei Tarkovsky Festival "Time and the Century", Gallery 180 sq.m., 2012;
• Presentation of V. Efimov's interactive book "Great Fonts", Moscow State Humanitarian University named after M.A. Sholokhov, 2012;
• Exhibition of posters for the 100th anniversary of John Cage at the round table "John Cage and the literary avant-garde", NCCA 2013;
• Exhibition of posters for multimedia projects of "Group T", DK "Zil", 2014;
• Seminar on Graphic Design of the Name of Ilya Zdanevich "ZYCH", NCCA, 2014;
• "ART SESSION" within the framework of the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus, 2014.

Yossi Sivan
Legal Adviser
Adv. Sivan has extensive experience in the intellectual property field. Adv. Sivan represented well known companies and brand owners from all over the world in IP cases in Courts and before the Trademark Registrar. Adv. Sivan is highly experienced in the investigation, monitoring, prosecution and litigation of intellectual property counterfeiting matters, including obtaining seizure orders in customs and Court Injunctions for many international and local brand owners. During his practice Adv. sivan has played a major role in representing many international companies such as Sony Playstation, Electronic Arts, Microsoft. He also represented Beverly Hills Polo Club, and other commercial componies and brands owners, in copyrights and trademarks enforcement procedures. Adv. Sivan was appointed by the court as the Receiver in many Anton Piller cases. For example, he was appointed lately to be the Receiver in order to execute a high profile Anton Piller case regarding Intellectual Property rights, commercial and Trade Secrets of an international company. Adv. Sivan is a member of the International Trademark Association, and a joint editor of the unique Israeli intellectual property Magazine "Notes in the Paths of the Intellectual Property". He is also the author of many intellectual property articles; some were cited by the Trademark Registrar and the Israeli Supreme Court.

Professional Organizations:
International Trademark Association (INTA),
The Israeli Bar Association

Academic Education:
L.L.B: The Academic College of Law – Communication and Technology Law.
B.A: The University of Tel Aviv – Middle Eastern Studies.